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[it was Monday, July 21st, 2008
the time was 5:51am]
belgian independence day.

in about a half hour or so, my sister and i are taking bayporter to the SFO airport, where we will be flying to the east coast.
we'll be there until thursday. it'll be my first time staying in the east coast since nine years ago. i'm terribly excited.

crazy wonderful random life of mine, you never fail to surprise me.

[it was Friday, July 4th, 2008
the time was 10:32am]
joyeux 4 juillet mes amours!

[it was Thursday, April 17th, 2008
the time was 6:13pm]
it is such a beautiful day today.

my windows are wide open, birds are chirping, someone is playing the accordion. i am in love with my apartment & the street below.
earlier, joe drove my one thursday class, and after, we went to the park to be amongst the ladybugs & daisies & put our feetsies in the grass. we've always loved picnic-ing together & have now made an arrangement to go to our spot at least once a week.
i am going to go pick him up soon. we have plans to rent the princess bride since he says i'll love it & after our movie, he is taking me on a crêpes dinner date. i am so excited!

this weekend is my sister's birthday weekend, and i am going to be a very very busy girl.
tomorrow i am leaving santa cruz early with joe, going to pick up some fabric to make my sister's birthday apron to go along with the terribly sweet cookbook i bought for the occasion. & i'm going to bake her some blueberry cupcakes from a cookbook of my own.
& then we will be spending all night long out dancing & drinking.
& come saturday, i'll awake, feeling kinda tipsy and hungover most likely, & i'll make my way to work to spend my regular lovely saturdays & go out to lunch with my family, which is the saturday routine. i'm a very lucky girl. & i'd like to bring my ukelele to work to practice. &, make some monies.

& on sunday, is her birthday, & we'll be going out to dinner & having an in laws (nat's) & my family dinner. it should be extremely tasty (i love the restaurant we are going to! i happened to have gone to that restaurant the eve of my first bonfire ever. & the food is so very scrumpcious!)
well i am already late to get joe, so i hope everyone is having as wonderful a thursday as i, and liz, if you get around to reading this, happy happy birthday girl!]
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[it was Saturday, April 5th, 2008
the time was 1:04pm]
i just spoke to princess leia!

[it was Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
the time was 5:04pm]
my heart beats irregularly from having so much to want to do.

i just had the most amazing pedicure, leaving my toes a lovely shade of coral, & a special daisy drawn on my two thumbs during my manicure, just because she liked me. [& it wasn't the first time she's manicured me, so it did feel special.]
lately has been about realizing my potential. just, knowing it's there and using it. it feels incredible.
i mean, i'm not overusing the words "amazing. incredible. awesome. wonderful. lovely." for no reason. life is good these days.
it's strange to know that the life you live is subject to change so often.
i sit comfortably, but my heart also pulls me to other places. places i've been to before, and also things i've never done. all the while knowing that things are going to change very soon.
and for once, i think i'm going to be fine with it.
and i can't wait for all the things i'm going to try this summer!
and, in this new feeling i have, i am going to go read a book i once started, but never finished.
that's practically the story of my life these days, but nothing said so simply could ever describe who i am, so not quite.
in a couple of hours i'll be cooking dinner, & then going out with the boys later tonight.
but for now, book's a callin'!

[it was Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
the time was 10:14am]
i have a new favorite flower.
it looks like a combination of two of my other favorites, which makes complete sense. but we have the most beautiful bouquet in our kitchen now, because i picked them out with my mum.
this is going to have to be a brief update, the kind between sips of espresso & waiting for the easter egg hunt to commence.
it should be a lovely hunt. it isn't the first time that we are doing it in tahoe, but it is the first in my adult years. i feel amazing here though. having our own cabin makes this a home to get-away to, and now that i have recently found my courage in snowboarding, i feel particularly amazing. [plus, it's a pretty strenuous work out.]
plans have sort of fallen into place and i am really looking forward to the rest of this little easter get-away and the rest of the week relaxing at home.
the cabin's many corners are decorated with chicks from belgium, chocolates from just about everywhere in europe [mostly italy, france, & belgium] and blown quail eggs & birds. [& bunnies, chocolate & also fluffy.]
i just finished rolling the cinnamon twists & the croissants, & they smell so good!
the only thing that this weekend is missing is joe, but come tuesday night and we'll be reunited [and it feels so good.]
i have a wish-list tugging at my wallet, & i can't wait to start indulging myself with it. and i have already a bit.
but even though there are so many goodies out there, i am keeping things simple, as per usual, loving the little things.
it is far too important to love what you have, and not to worry so much about what you want.
but i am looking forward to my new ink plans, which i think will be taking place soon.
i'm more than ready.
&, two photography classes under my belt now, i will be starting that up again soon. [not photographing, but photographing myself.]
well, i think the breakfast goodies are ready, so off i go to glaze the cinnamon twists!
happy easter all!

[it was Monday, March 10th, 2008
the time was 4:11pm]
time to write again.
i have a nat sherman cigarette beckoning me to the open window of my studio apartment. although this is silly, i tell it to be patient with my gaze.
i'm sitting on my bed, my armchair which has been in the family since before my first steps is being taken over by my drying photographs. in less than an hour i will be driving up to the five o'clock lot, and i will make my way down to my photo class for our last critique. i've never been more prepared in my life.
although i've let myself be a little lazy these past couple of days, i have gotten a lot done, a lot of little check marks added to my list-making.
this weekend was wonderful, captured by my pictures and the rest stored in a happy memory between me & those involved.
returning with yet another armful of goodies, & the most wonderful tin of colored pencils i've ever come across. each one with its own name & personality.
[zebra stripes.] [man on the moon.] [talking owl.] & twenty-one more.
and i couldn't help from buying myself the most amazing sweater on my way back to work from finding the most amazing pencils i'll ever own, and running an errand for work.
this wednesday night i will leave the earliest i've gotten to thus far for berkeley, and nothing could feel more right.
i haven't felt this cozy in a long time.

& hopefully after class tonight i'll be able to go buy tulips {one of my favorite things} & a salad.
hope you are all well.
<3, j.
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[it was Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
the time was 6:11pm]
yesterday was a good day.
it was the kind of day i needed all quarter long.
and the sky looks so amazing right now!

i think i did really well on my history of art midterm, which i am very proud of myself for. and, intermediate photography is going incredibly.
and today we allowed ourselves to sleep in after max's twenty-first, which felt incredible. we woke up late, got coffee and went to the beach. after homework, and malcolm in the middle, i left and bought the cutest shoes.
and, not having a working cell phone, and my main phone not letting me make calls, i've been getting the alone time i've been needing for a long time.
tonight i am picking joe up from class and then we're going on a movie date. i'm going to surprise him with dinner from trader joe's for the movie, because movie food is both gross, [awfully delicious & tempting] and expensive! and i love trader joe's.
tomorrow is my busiest day, and i have many thank you cards to write.

i'm going to get some of those out of the way right now actually.

[it was Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
the time was 11:12am]
twenty two.

i would find it a lot scarier if i didn't feel so happy about who i've become. don't get me wrong, there is a lot of crying about school frustrations, a lot of panic about where my life is going, and there is so much involved with changing a major at this school. pfff. so many people to make appointments with!
but, i'm doing well.
birthday was rough, but tahoe was beautiful and i always love getting gifts from my mom because she knows me so well and i especially loved my pink and off-white french boulangerie apron & my beautiful vintage heart and key necklace. the key is so incredible, with a hint of patina proving its old age. and the heart! the perry-winkle blue and the rose. it looks like something marie-antoinette wore.
and my sister got me this amazing lamp, the stem is a tree with two branches sticking out to the sides with three birds perched upon them. i'm going to go pick out a lamp shade for it on sunday. exciting!
& i feel my apartment has never looked better. i finally figured out how i'm going to decorate it (after living here so long!) well, rather, what to do with the bare walls. i found an old anthropologie catalogue that i had saved from two christmases ago, and i am going to design it after that, because my furniture already resembles the ones from the photo.

i have to go pick joe up from class now, but i think this is going to be a start to many entries.
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[it was Saturday, December 29th, 2007
the time was 5:35pm]
two women and three little girls just came into the store and one of the women told me i looked like one of cicely mary barker's fairies grown up.
she asked me to look it up online and so i did, and...
i feel incredibly complemented.


& somebody gave me a fairy they made that i loved when she came in to show us samples of her work, and she looks like an 80's rocker fairy. basically amazing.

[it was Thursday, December 27th, 2007
the time was 1:21pm]
i had the most wonderful christmas.

& i am becoming aware of what i want to do with my life, and that is an amazing feeling.
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[it was Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
the time was 11:19am]
i miss you pookie.

but i'll see you soon!

[it was Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
the time was 2:25pm]
sally was stolen.
i hate the world today.

if anyone sees her please call me immediately.
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[it was Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
the time was 1:36pm]

this is the beginning.

comment to be added.
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